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World’s Best Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

June 03, 20201 min read

SERVES 1 cup

It feels like buttermilk ranch is everyone’s secret favourite salad dressing. We all order the balsamic because we think it’s “healthier” but all we really want is ranch*. Am I right or is this just me?

I’ve been tinkering with this recipe for years, and have discovered that there are three keys to a dressing worthy of the title “world’s best”.

  1. Use real mayo. No low-fat crap, no miracle whip, no. Good mayo!

  2. Let the flavours mellow together for at least an hour before serving. The garlic needs to settle the Jeff down a bit, and the acidity of the buttermilk will do exactly that, given enough time.

  3. Don’t go for a brash n sassy salad. Keep it simple with mild lettuce like Boston and a few classic veggies such as cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Let this glorious dressing be the star!

This is also a spectacular coleslaw dressing — just add very finely sliced cabbage (and maybe a small grated apple) and stir well.

Here’s the full how-to:

World’s Best Buttermilk Ranch Dressing


  • ½ cup mayonnaise

  • ⅓ cup buttermilk, well-shaken before measuring

  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

  • 2 teaspoons dijon

  • 1 very small clove of garlic, grated or pureed

  • ¼ cup snipped chives or dill or both


  1. Whisk everything together in a small bowl. Transfer to a mason jar and chill a least 1 hour before serving.

  • or Thousand Islands, which is essential for a Reuben and also delish on iceberg.

Click below for a printable version of this recipe.
World’s Best Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

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© 2024 Claire Tansey's Kitchen